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Our Real Estate firm offers assistance for all your real estate needs, we will give you the support and tools you deserve whether you are selling, buying or leasing residential or commercial real estate. The purpose of Epic Choice Realty and all our associates is to provide a service of real value to our clientele, within the first minutes dealing with us you will understand that for us you come first, we are here to hear you and to give real solution to all your real estate needs. Our only goal is to make sure you closed all your transactions with us in a successfully manner and to make sure you live our office recommending us to your friends and family because at the end of our day your recommendations are vital to our success.  Sellers in my opinion are the ones that will benefit the most from our business model, our office is set inside a retail store and that itself increases our listing exposure, our agents are member of the majority of the associations and internet pages so your listing will instantly appear in almost all real estate websites, paper magazines and much more, as a seller agent we will make sure you know how to pick the best offer because sometimes the best offer is not the one that offers the most amount of money, the best offer instead is the one that can be realistically closed within 30 days at current market value or above, but anyway we will carefully review each offer with you so you can take the best one for you listing.  At Epic the entire marketing is pay by us at front, and includes exposure to all mayor real estate wed sites, flyers, magazines, and sometimes even well planned open houses. There are many more seller’s benefits like relocation assistance and family safety, but the fact that we sell our listing much quicker and for about 10% more than a regular for sale by owners is what makes our system a very effective tool for our homeowners, it so effective that it actually pays for itself. Buyers on the other hand are an important key and we love to help genuine buyers, and to help them the first step we take is to coordinate a meeting with a local lender to make sure they qualify, once this is done we automatically help determine where do they want to buy and what type of property will go along with them and the prequalification, the process is simple but us takes lots of time and dedication. The leasing process is a little more complicated but again we are ready to help, and we do so by providing great back ground checks in our tenants to insure easy rentals and long term landlord/tenant relationships. Landlords can use our property management division to help manage any rental property in Miami Dade and Broward. Commercial properties are a little more complicate and sometimes required team work, but we do service Miami Dade and Broward counties.


Our team will do everything possible to make sure that once we help you acomplish your goals, you will recomend us to your friends and family. Every home is a dream and we know it!

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